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Why are restaurants turning to QR code contactless menus in the post-pandemic phase?
Fri, Jan 20, 2023

Why are restaurants turning to QR code contactless menus in the post-pandemic phase?

The pandemic wreaked havoc on the restaurant industry as restaurants all across the globe had to shut down their businesses. Later when the lockdown phase started lifting, the restaurants couldn’t operate as before and had to follow a new set of safety regulations. Due to widespread safety concerns, the restaurants were not permitted to run at full capacity. As the paper menus are passed around in restaurants, they become the perfect carrier for germs and bacteria; any restaurant operating with paper menus will run a higher risk of contamination. However, the QR code contactless menu has solved this issue for restaurants by removing in-person interaction from the ordering process itself. Aside from providing a safe environment for people, the QR code menu provides several unique advantages that are enticing restaurant owners to invest in one.

Reasons why the restaurants are opting for a QR code contactless menu:

The restaurants must adhere to the safety rules:

Because the virus was spreading through human contact, lockdowns were implemented gradually during the pandemic, and digital alternatives were sought to stay functional. Therefore, once the restaurants were allowed to be operational again, new safety measures got implemented to create a safe environment for the customers and the restaurant staff. By creating QR codes for menus, restaurants can follow the safety guidelines and minimize contact during the ordering process. A contactless ordering process will guarantee everyone's safety and win points on all counts. Customers nowadays also feel wary while eating out as they do not want to risk contamination; therefore, they will prefer visiting a restaurant that offers digital solutions like a QR code menu. A restaurant will remain relevant in a rapidly changing environment by switching to a digital menu.

The restaurants can survive during staff shortages:

The staff shortage is a reality that many restaurants are struggling with now. Meeting customer demands becomes difficult for restaurant management when there is a staff shortage. But when the QR code table ordering system gets implemented, the restaurants can function even with a handful of wait staff. The QR code menu removes the in-person interaction and the requirement to involve a wait staff for order placement. The QR code menu allows the customers to be in charge of the ordering process. They can access the restaurant menu by scanning the QR code and downloading the QR code contactless menu to their mobile device. It enables them to select the items they want at their own pace, and they can also order from their phone. The QR code menus include payment gateways, which means the guests can pay from their phones too. Therefore, there is no need to rely on the wait staff.

The restaurants must embrace the digital dining trend:

Digital dining has become a popular trend, especially during the pandemic it was the only option available. Nowadays, people rely on digital solutions to carry out a variety of tasks like shopping, banking, and online payments. To grab these tech-savvy customers’ attention, the restaurants must replace their paper menus with the QR code table ordering system.

Customers now prefer the digital dining service, where they can access the menu online to place an order from the comfort of their homes. A restaurant must facilitate online ordering by creating QR codes for menus. It will help the restaurants expand their customer base and boost revenue.

The restaurants can enhance their operational efficiency:

Restaurants are constantly working to increase their operational efficiency. The restaurants can make their service more efficient with the help of the QR code contactless menu. Customers won't experience delays and will have complete control over the ordering process rather than feeling rushed. On the other hand, by capturing customer data in real-time the restaurant management can create the ideal service. The digital menu will also be far better than a paper menu because a QR code menu will include amazing visuals of the dishes that customers will find quite enticing. These menus are also the ideal promotional and marketing tools for restaurants. The QR code menu can be the perfect promotional tool to inform customers about upcoming special offers.

QR code contactless menu is now the most in-demand digital solution in the restaurant industry, as restaurants are making a beeline for it. Do not stay behind, embrace this solution today. Let eMenu guide you towards a better future.