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What's on the menu? How digital menus offer more information about your food and drinks
Mon, Oct 16, 2023

What's on the menu? How digital menus offer more information about your food and drinks

The restaurant menu is undergoing a big transformation thanks to the advent of digital menus. The digital menus are miles ahead of their traditional counterparts, the paper menus, in terms of design, accessibility, convenience, and functionality.

The core function of a restaurant menu is to offer information about the food and drinks it serves. However, a digital menu can be more informative than a regular restaurant menu. Along with offering a brilliant display of visual content such as food images, the digital tablet menu also offers additional information that aids in customers' decision-making process. Let’s learn more about it here.

Digital menus: informative and functional

A QR code ordering system can be the most efficient version of a restaurant menu. It certainly changes the way a restaurant functions. The digital tablet menu is highly informative, updated, and can be the perfect guide for the customers.

The food images:

A restaurant QR menu is not just about menu descriptions and a couple of random images that a traditional paper menu contains. However, in a digital menu, every dish is accompanied by a visually tempting, clear image of that dish. Restaurants switching to a digital menu should opt for a professional food photography service to include only high-definition images that best depict a dish and its presentation.

When a customer explores a digital menu and taps on a particular dish, the image of that dish immediately pops up. The visual representation of a dish captures their attention and allows the customers to grasp an idea of what the final dish is going to be like and what the portion size is. The representation of the dishes through images increases the sales opportunity at a restaurant. According to survey findings, restaurants can increase their sales with a digital tablet menu.

Specify allergens, ingredients, and dietary information:

Unlike the paper menu, which only contains simplistic descriptions of ingredients, the digital food menu, on the other hand, ensures that customers can make informed choices. The digital menu offers calorie count, nutritional information, and allergen information; a customer can tap open a dish and pursue the information listed regarding the allergens.

For example, a dish may contain nuts or shellfish, so a customer may decide whether the dish would be a good choice for them or not.

Likewise, the digital menu lets the restaurant create separate categories for different dishes. There may be categories like "gluten-free” so that customers can easily locate such items.

A digital food menu also narrates stories:

A digital food menu provides not just facts but also history that may be associated with a dish. Now customers look for more than just food when they dine out; they expect novelty, and they crave an exclusive experience, and the digital tablet menu can provide that.

The customers would love to learn how a specific dish gets prepared; share snippets of information, anecdotes with them regarding the ingredients, preparation method, the chef, or even the dish's origin. Customers would love to learn about such information, and they would feel eager to order such dishes and share them on their social media handles. Club locally popular items together and promote them as local favorites. Tourists would love to explore such items when they visit your restaurant, and your QR ordering system can guide them towards such items.

A digital menu can recommend pairings:

The versatility of digital menus allows a restaurant to boost sales by offering recommendations to customers. Advanced analytics technology incorporated in the digital tablet menu will display order trends, allowing a restaurant to recognize products purchased together and offer related meals via a pop-up message. It will help a customer make a quick decision, and they will appreciate such recommendations. If a customer is confused regarding which wine to order with his dinner, the restaurant can suggest several wine options through pop-up messages.

The digital menu provides updated information:

Since all it takes is a quick tap to update your menu, customers will always know which items are available. Unlike the paper menu, which requires a separate menu board to announce specials, the digital menu can keep guests updated. Remove out-of-stock items instantly and create a QR code for the specials on the menu, which the customers can quickly scan to access. Furthermore, the restaurants can inform customers about seasonal specials.

Digital menus are informative and offer a personalized experience to guests. The interactive interface makes the QR code table ordering system a big favorite with the new-age customers. Build your digital menu with us today, contact eMenu, and learn about the exclusive features we offer. Invest in a digital menu today to sell more.