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The Rise of QR Code Menus: Unleashing the Benefits of eMenu for Modern Restaurants
Wed, Jun 14, 2023

The Rise of QR Code Menus: Unleashing the Benefits of eMenu for Modern Restaurants

The QR Code Menus resurfaced in the restaurant industry in 2020 to enable restaurants to offer a contactless service. The virtual menu also ushered in a digital era in the industry. eMenu has been at the forefront of the digital movement by helping the restaurant industry successfully migrate to the digital menu platform.

The digital menu designed by eMenu is not a mere digital version of the paper menu, rather, its features make it a versatile tool that can benefit modern restaurants in multiple ways. Our digital menu can help a restaurant experience growth like never before. This blog discusses some unique benefits that our digital QR code menu can offer. Let’s check these out.

QR Code Digital Menu: What are the benefits to expect?

Reduce wait time to profit more:

eMenu’s QR code table ordering system can effectively reduce the wait time at the restaurant, as it allows the customers to quickly scan the menu, order, and pay using their devices. With paper menus, the wait time increases as a customer has to get the attention of a wait staff, and then go through the mundane menu to find an item. The billing process too gets lengthy when it involves the wait staff. The customers get impatient and during rush hours a slow service can result in losses.

eMenu removes these hassles from the ordering process and speeds it up with a well-designed QR code menu that a customer can scan and download on their device. The customers can select the items neatly organized in categories and place the order instantly. eMenu has a partnership with all major payment gateways, hence a customer using our online restaurant ordering software can pay from their preferred payment app and thus complete the order and payment in one go. This self-service order and payment facility keeps the line moving at the restaurant and results in huge profits.

Enhance user experience:

The boring paper menus are a complete no-go in this digital era. The static menu does not offer any information other than the price and name of a dish, and there is no visual element available.

eMenu changes all of that with its brilliantly designed QR code menus that offer a cutting-edge, streamlined digital experience to the customers. In a digital menu, each dish will be accompanied by a high-definition image of the same and will carry additional information such as allergen information, ingredients, and other relevant details.

At eMenu we enhance the visual appeal with images, videos, and other elements to engage the customers. Studies indicate that customers are likely to order more when they find the menu to be visually appealing and may like to add additional items to their order.

Furthermore, customers prefer a restaurant that provides relevant information regarding allergens, and ingredients and remains transparent. You can gain customer trust by providing necessary information and food images in your QR code table ordering system. Building trust is essential for having repeat customers.

With eMenu you can also create dynamic QR codes for different menus and switch seamlessly to display different menus at different times of the day to sell more.

Easy to create and manage:

Although digital transition is the need of the hour, some restaurateurs feel reluctant to make the transition as they lack technical expertise. eMenu’s digital QR code menu is built in a way that even non-technical users can manage without any hassle.

Sign up with us and we will start customizing your digital menu as per your preference. We also provide dedicated customer support to our clients and are always available to help if they ever run into an issue. We build menus using progressive web app technology to ensure a fast loading time. Our QR code menu works on Android and iOS platforms, and can even be downloaded as an app.

You can create and manage as many QR codes as you want for promotions, and update the menu whenever you want; all it takes is a quick tap. At eMenu, we also offer admin support to restaurateurs who do not have the time to manage the backend work.

Advanced features to help you sell more:

A feature-rich QR code menu is required to keep digitally savvy customers satisfied. At eMenu, we offer an array of advanced features you can choose from to design your QR code menu, such as -

  • Multiple languages: Remove the language barrier, and present your menu in different languages to cater to customers of diverse ethnicities.
  • Marketing & Promotions: You can create and schedule multiple promotional contents with pop-up images and videos to sell more.
  • Advanced analytics: Capture real-time customer data, and use data-driven insight to optimize your menu. Implement changes to win hearts and devise data-driven marketing campaigns that work.
  • Custom branding: Build an online presence with the custom branding feature and create a custom domain.
  • Guest feedback: Our QR code menus have a guest feedback section to gauge customer opinions and connect with them.

There are multiple other features that we offer, contact us or visit our website to explore all. Each feature has been added to enhance the efficiency of your QR code menu so that you can use it strategically to profit more.

The QR code menu is here to stay and it is not a fad. Check out this blog to learn more - https://www.emenu.ae/blog/digital-menu-is-it-the-future-or-just-a-fad.

The rise of the QR code menu is pushing the restaurant industry towards growth by unleashing new opportunities. Grow your business with eMenu, the trusted digital menu provider in the hospitality industry, and build a robust QR code menu to profit more.