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The QR code table ordering system is transforming the hospitality industry
Mon, Nov 28, 2022

The QR code table ordering system is transforming the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is on its way to experiencing a digital evolution. Technology has permeated the very fabric of the industry to start the transformation and change it for the better. The hospitality industry is now implementing QR codes(quick response codes) to enhance the guest experience by creating a safe and efficient service. The QR code table ordering system is now part of many restaurants and hotels. The pandemic phase might be over now, but we should continue to prioritize safety and adopt measures to minimize contact. Let’s delve deeper to understand this transformation better.

How does the QR code system work for the industry?

The QR code is not new to the restaurant industry, it was introduced before, but the large-scale adoption of the restaurant QR code ordering system started only when the pandemic hit us in 2020. The closing down of the restaurants for months at a stretch alarmed the industry, and there was a rush to adopt the required safety measures to remain operational. The QR codes were being used all across the globe to find contactless solutions. The hospitality industry was quick on the uptake, and as soon as the restaurants were allowed to be functional, many restaurants implemented QR code menus to replace paper menus.

The industry must follow the safety regulations in the post-pandemic phase; investing in digital solutions like a QR code menu app will reduce in-person contact. Paper menus must get replaced because, through menu sharing between customers and restaurant staff, germs could spread faster. A digital menu reduces this risk to a great extent by allowing customers to access the menu virtually from their devices.

Does the QR code table ordering system meet customer expectations?

Customers are too on the lookout for digital options like the QR code table ordering system, as they want to avoid the risk. The industry can also resolve the labor scarcity problem by adopting a digital QR code menu. With a paper menu, restaurants need a significant number of wait staff to take orders and collect payment at the end of a meal, but with a QR code menu, the wait staff does not have to be involved.

At a restaurant, the customers will scan the code on the table to access the virtual menu and browse through the items to place their order. Later, they will pay from their phone, as a restaurant QR code ordering system includes payment options. It is needless to point out that customers will appreciate such a seamless experience. Several surveys conducted recently indicate there has been a surge in the percentage of QR code downloads.

Accessibility to a QR code menu allows customers to enjoy the self-service experience at a restaurant. There is no need to wait for the staff, and the ordering process is hassle-free, as there is no rush to place your order or pay the bill. Customers can take their own sweet time to decide what they want to order, and with a QR code menu app, they can access the dish image and dish-related information. They are more likely to feel tempted to order more with a digital menu.

QR code table ordering system: Additional benefits

Businesses, especially in the retail sector, are now in a mad rush to collect customer data to offer a personalized service. The hospitality industry can join the race and capture real-time customer data by implementing the QR code table ordering system. With guest feedback, they can track customer data and understand the demand. As the customers rate the food, the service quality, and the overall dining experience, the restaurant owner can process that data to determine which aspects need improvement and take action accordingly.

Since a digital QR code menu also syncs with the POS system, inventory management gets simpler. Quick-selling products could be restocked on time, thereby reducing waste. A QR code menu will also aid in upselling by allowing restaurants to promote upcoming offers efficiently. As there is no printing cost, the management can reduce operational costs.

The QR code table ordering system is transforming the hospitality industry by redefining the dining experience for customers. eMenu has been at the forefront of this journey by providing cutting-edge QR code solutions to the hospitality industry. Stop using paper menus and approach eMenu to generate your QR code digital menu and be ready to thrive.