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Reason Why QR Code is here to stay
Thu, Jul 7, 2022

Reason Why QR Code is here to stay

As restaurants reopen their doors, QR codes are often on the menu. People have learned to minimize their physical interactions with others during the pandemic. QR codes can provide more information about the product or service without a sweat and the information quickly goes to the user's device. QR codes are especially beneficial when used for ordering and payment. A guest sits down at the table and scans a QR code to see the menu with their smartphone's camera, to pull up the digital menu, place their order and pay from their phone.

QR codes are simple and reliable and speed up the ordering process, while limiting bugs and technical problems. Some digital menu tools have added more advanced features such as pre-ordering before diners arrive at a restaurant, ordering through the digital menu and payment process. A key benefit of digital menus is that you can change them whenever you want, and the changes are made instantly. It also saves money as printing new menus every time can really add up, it can all be done digitally without any cost.

Another benefit of digital menu is that it lets the customers see what their meals will look like before ordering, grabbing their attention and enticing them into ordering specific meals. You might as well make the customer download your restaurant's app or perhaps making it mandatory to download the app to order and your QR code could be directly linked to the app store to prompt customers to download the app. The truth is using QR code menu the right way can help your restaurant create a better guest experience by putting customers in control of the ordering process and freeing up your staff to focus on the hospitality aspect of the dining experience.