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Prioritizing Safety and Convenience: Exploring Contactless Dining and Payments with eMenu
Mon, Jun 26, 2023

Prioritizing Safety and Convenience: Exploring Contactless Dining and Payments with eMenu

Restaurants today are embracing contactless technology to upgrade their operations and gain a competitive edge. Digital tools, such as digital menus, are now a part of restaurant operations. Modern restaurants are researching the best digital options to offer a safe, contactless service. As per the digital dining reviews the customers too are happy with contactless ordering and payment facilities.

Customers may now go cashless and enjoy a secure and hassle-free dining experience thanks to contactless payment alternatives. eMenu has been at the forefront of the transformation by crafting digital menus with advanced technical features. Let’s delve deeper to understand how contactless dining and payment solutions from eMenu help restaurants prioritize safety and convenience.

What is contactless dining?

Although it’s not a new concept, during the social distancing phase contactless dining assumed a greater significance.

Contactless dining refers to a dining service at a restaurant that allows the customers to digitally access and explore the restaurant menu, place their order, and pay with no physical or minimal physical interaction with the restaurant staff.

eMenu provides a contactless digital QR code table ordering system that is a hygienic alternative to the paper menu. We empower restaurants with advanced QR code solutions that are easy to scan and offer a seamless experience. Our digital menu is powered by progressive web app technology that helps a digital menu load faster. The menu works on both iOS and Android platforms. The digital menu ordering process is simple and quick-

  • Customers scan QR code to access the menu.
  • Select items with a quick tap
  • Places the order
  • Completes payment

The customers enjoy being in complete control of the process. An order placed using a digital dine in menu directly reaches the kitchen, and the dishes get delivered to their table. Contactless dining is efficient, and it ensures safety for both customers and the staff at the restaurant.

What is contactless Payment at a restaurant?

Gone are the days when wait staff delivered the bill at the end of service and customers paid with paper currency or credit cards. It is unhygienic because physical interaction occurs between restaurant personnel and customers thus increasing the risk of contamination. There are additional security threats, such as credit card fraud and misplacement.

A contactless payment frees the customers from the hassle and allows them to pay digitally via a digital wallet or digital payment app of their choice. Contactless payment methods are not only convenient but are also safe. Since customers these days are digitally savvy, they use payment apps for all kinds of financial transactions. At a restaurant, they will expect such amenities.

eMenu designs digital menu apps that integrate with multiple payment gateways. The customers have the freedom to complete payment at the end of a meal using their preferred payment app or digital wallet. We at eMenu, provide a safe, contactless, and convenient payment solution, take advantage of it and go cashless!

Benefits to expect from contactless dining and payments with eMenu:

eMenu’s contactless digital menu solution can help restaurants enhance safety, but they also provide additional benefits.

  • Enhance service efficiency: A digital QR menu will display food images and descriptions, making it easier for the customers to choose items. The order placement is quick and error-free. Furthermore, the customer completes the order and payment, which shortens the wait time and allows the restaurant to serve more customers.
  • Attract new customers: It is needless to point out that people now prefer having access to digital solutions. By offering digital dining option at your restaurant, you can draw in more customers, especially the younger generation who prefer using their smartphones for everything. Many of them no longer prefer carrying cash, and they will certainly appreciate it if your restaurant offers contactless payment options.
  • Enhance service quality: As the customers take care of the order and payment process, the wait staff does not get involved. They can be around to answer any queries the guest may have, and assist customers by providing information, and suggestions. The customers will love such personalized attention and will be back again.
  • Expect lower operational costs and high revenues: The introduction of contactless dining can transform restaurant service and business operations. A digital menu will turn tables faster, thus leading to revenue growth. On the other hand, a digital menu also helps restaurants save operational costs as updating a contactless digital menu does not cost anything. Since contactless dining promotes self-service, a restaurant can function with fewer employees.

Contactless dining and payment solutions from eMenu are transforming the restaurant industry. eMenu designs efficient digital menus that are quick to scan, load faster, and have a user-friendly interface. Our digital menu is easy to manage and can be updated across multiple locations. Discover more about contactless dining and explore new possibilities with eMenu.