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Planning on investing in a digital QR code menu? Here are the features to look for
Sun, Jan 22, 2023

Planning on investing in a digital QR code menu? Here are the features to look for

The digital QR code menu is transforming the hospitality industry and is likely to rule the future as well. If you are currently contemplating investing in the digital QR code table ordering system, then you are making the right move. A digital menu will streamline your restaurant's service; create a safe environment for both the customers and the restaurant staff. If you implement the QR code menu, you will not only create a healthy environment but will also unlock multiple benefits. However, you must know how to choose a digital QR code menu and which features to look for. Here’s a guide that will help you out.

Look for these features while investing in a digital QR code menu:

The QR code menu must have tempting visual elements:

One of the significant features of the QR code menu is that it contains visual elements. A paper menu is static and does not contain any visual elements; it's mostly the names of the dishes and their prices that are listed on the paper menus. But a digital dine in menu will be an advanced version of the menu flaunting images of all the dishes, beverages, and desserts offered by a restaurant. Furthermore, a digital menu will also contain specific information about each dish, such as an ingredient list, calorie count, and different categories for vegan, gluten-free items. It will help the customers make an informed decision while ordering food at your restaurant. Likewise, the menu must include other visual elements, such as videos and animation to entice the guests. They will love the visual appeal of the menu and will feel tempted to order more.

User-friendly interface with multiple language options:

While selecting a restaurant QR code ordering system, you must ensure that it comes with an easy-to-operate interface. Your workers and clients will have problems navigating the program if it isn't user-friendly; you may even need to arrange a training session to understand how to operate it. The QR code menu interface must be easy to operate and should be available in multiple languages. Your restaurant will cater to people from different regions, cultures, and ethnicities; therefore, the customers must be provided with language options they are comfortable with. Furthermore, the digital QR code table ordering system should be accessible across all devices.

The menu should be easy to update:

Paper menus are costly to update. But with a digital dine in menu this problem will never arise. The QR code menus are easy to update, and if you invest in one, you should learn how fast and easy it is to update the menu. There should be no additional fee for updating the menu as many times as necessary, and the QR code will not change with the updates. The process should be seamless and quick. Also, the menu can be managed and updated across various locations to enhance operational efficiency.

It should be the perfect marketing tool:

The QR code menu must be a powerful marketing tool to help you upsell your items and promote limited-time offers. You can grab the customer's attention more effectively with the efficient restaurant QR code ordering system. You can use pop-ups while the customer is exploring the menu to inform them of a dinner special, or it can be a combo offer you want to promote. Your QR code menu must help you streamline your marketing campaigns while offering different display options for daytime and nighttime menus. It should also come with custom branding options.

Seamless integration and cutting-edge analytics:

If and when you invest in a digital QR code table ordering system, it should sync with the other systems including the POS system, and allow you to operate your restaurant smoothly. When it integrates with the POS system, it will notify you which items need to be re-stocked, and which items are still in stock. Likewise, the menu must offer payment gateways to quicken the service by allowing the guests to pay from their devices. On the other hand, the QR code menu should capture customer data and offer you the insight you need to customize your service. Armed with such valuable data, you can optimize your menu and service in no time!

Whenever you invest in a digital QR code menu, you must look for these features to ensure big ROI. An advanced digital menu will streamline your business, and help you earn more revenue. We at eMenu strive to offer cutting-edge QR code solutions to the hospitality industry. We empower our menu with all the above-discussed features, and more, and it is easy to implement and manage. Contact us today.