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Planning on investing in a digital menu for your restaurant?
Fri, Mar 3, 2023

Planning on investing in a digital menu for your restaurant?

Digital menus are the latest trend to hit the restaurant industry, and everybody's talking and raving about them. The restaurants that have already implemented a digital menu will swear by its advantages; the digital menu is also winning customers' hearts. If you have been thinking about changing your restaurant game by investing in a digital menu, you should immediately take this step. However, before you select a digital menu, you must pay attention to certain dos and don’ts of the process. There are some steps that you must take, and there are certain mistakes that you must avoid. So check out the dos and don’ts of digital menu selection here.

Check out the dos and don’ts of digital menu selection:

Although several digital menu options are available, the selection process should not be random. Investing in a digital menu will be a significant move. It will be more than a monetary investment digital dine-in menu will also redefine your restaurant business and help you build your restaurant brand.

In this post, we'll start with the "dos," or guidelines you must follow for creating an excellent digital menu.

The dos-

  • Create categories for different food items: When you create a digital menu for your customers, you should create separate categories for the food items served at your restaurant. The customers will have an easier time locating an item they want. For example, create categories like "breakfast”, "lunch”, "dinner”, "appetizers”, "soups”, "desserts", "side dishes”, and so on. You can also create categories such as “Kids Menu" and “Our Best Sellers”. You can create categories for beverages as well, such as “Signature Mocktails”. When you divide the items into clearly defined categories, the customers will waste less time scrolling through the menu to locate what they need. With eMenu, you can create and display different menus for the day and night.

  • Ensure that the menu loads faster and the navigation is seamless: Customers will lose patience if your menu takes a long time to load on their devices. When a digital QR code menu in UAE loads faster enabling the customers to quickly scan the code using their phone camera and access it in seconds, it enhances customer experience. Furthermore, the menu navigation must be smooth so that customers can access any category or item with a simple tap. The easier it is to navigate the menu, the higher your chances are of making the customers happy.

  • Pay attention to accessibility across platforms and integration: Your digital menu must be easily accessible across different platforms so that customers using different devices can access it. By that, we mean that it should be available on all mobile devices and Android / iOS platforms. If you are creating a mobile app, then it must be available at both the Android and iOS stores. Also, pay attention to the integration, your digital menu must integrate with all major payment gateways so that your customers can pay through their preferred payment gateway. Multiple integrations make the ordering process more convenient, and at eMenu, we understand that, which is why we partner with multiple providers.

  • Get a custom domain: You must have your domain name in your browser; you should not ignore this rule. Having a custom domain can add an edge to your branding game. It will be easier for you to build brand identity and credibility among your customers. Furthermore, a custom domain will enhance your brand's recall value. A custom domain can help differentiate between your brand and your competitors. Customizing your domain can lead to big profits in the long run. With eMenu, get a custom domain and customize your digital QR code menu in UAE.

Now that you have covered all the dos and don'ts of digital menu design, you must know what not to do.

The don’ts-

  • Do not crowd the menu with images and info: A digital menu is visually appealing, but you shouldn’t go overboard and stuff your menu with multiple images, and videos. Create a streamlined design. A high-definition image can accompany a dish containing specific information and price. The images or any other visual elements you wish to include must serve a specific purpose. Keep it crisp, innovative, and alluring, and choose an easy-to-read font style and size.

  • Do not invest without getting a demo: Before you finalize anything with your menu provider, you should request a demo. A demo will provide clarity regarding the menu appearance, load time, features, and other details. Also learn about their pricing plan, packages, data, and customer support facilities before you finalize a decision.

  • Do not skip customization: A digital dine-in menu must be customized. It will help you establish your restaurant brand on strong ground. Customize the theme of your menu, place your restaurant logo, and include custom properties. You can provide allergy information, create food combos, or pair beverages, and with eMenu your options are endless. The bottom line is customization is crucial for your success.

  • Do not forget to add a feedback section: Your digital menu must have a guest feedback section that allows you to interact with the customers. Learn about customers' opinions on your food and service, and whether they have any complaints. The feedback is crucial to getting valuable insight into your business. Put your questions in the feedback form and assess the guests’ answers to incorporate necessary changes.

Keep these dos and don'ts in mind, before you invest in a digital menu. The digital menu will strengthen your brand identity and help you grow your business. Always keep your menu updated, and reach out to eMenu to design the perfect digital menu for your restaurant.