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Looking to implement the restaurant QR code ordering system?
Mon, Apr 17, 2023

Looking to implement the restaurant QR code ordering system?

The restaurant industry is busy adopting several digital tools and measures to upgrade its service and cater to digitally savvy customers. Many restaurants are now replacing traditional paper menus with the digital menu. Digital menus not only offer frictionless service but also boost sales.

A restaurant QR code ordering system can help you in multiple ways to drive sales. If you've already seen the benefits and want to implement the system check out our guide here.

How to implement the restaurant QR code ordering system? Keep these pointers in mind:

Do your research to make an informed decision:

It is not always right to start with a clean slate, especially when you are about to implement a QR code table ordering system. Learn all you can about the digital QR code menu, its different aspects, its benefits, and the set of features to expect. Implementing a simple QR code won't do for you, especially if you are trying to take advantage of its features. Learn about digital menu functionalities to decide which ones should be a part of your system. Also, get familiar with the technical aspects of a digital menu.

Reach out to the experts:

You might be feeling excited to switch to a digital QR code menu ASAP, but do not take an amateur step by relying on QR code menu generator software. If you truly want to make a difference with your digital menu and want it to be the catalyst for your restaurant's growth, you should reach out to the experts. Contact a digital menu provider who has experience, expertise, and serves not just the restaurant industry but the entire hospitality industry. Take a look at their client base, and explore their portfolio. Check out the list of features they promise to include in the restaurant QR code ordering system, along with their integration partners. Go for the best name in the business that has been successfully meeting the needs of the hospitality industry for years.

Personalize your menu:

A personalized menu can do wonders for you. A personalized digital menu will boost your brand identity and strengthen your online presence. The brand color should dominate the theme, it can get reflected through the fonts, background, and even the QR code itself. A colorful QR code that represents your brand will be impactful. Put your restaurant's logo on the menu. Along with customizing your menu design, don't forget to choose a custom domain. Customers will be able to find your restaurant more quickly online.

What to put on your menu?

When creating a digital menu, choose which items to display on the menu. You can upload your entire menu and make the switch, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should stick to the popular items. Your restaurant QR code ordering system should display the dishes that your restaurant is popular for. Highlight special items in the menu to keep it concise so that the customers do not feel confused sorting through items.

Create distinct categories to make the navigation process simple for customers. If you serve vegan or gluten-free items, highlight them on the menu.

Maximize the visual appeal:

Enhance the visual appeal of the digital menu with high-resolution images of the dishes. Diners now share food images on Instagram and on other social networking sites; so be selective and add mouthwatering images that customers will find alluring. Don't add too many images in your menu. Instead, choose one high-quality image for each dish. Use videos to create impactful marketing campaigns and improve the sensory appeal of your menus. Keep it minimal but impactful.

Create food pairings and promote:

A QR code table ordering system is an efficient marketing and promotional tool. Take advantage of your menu to increase your sales! When your customers order a particular dish, a pop-up image of a side dish or a popular beverage will tempt them to spend more. Create tempting food and drink combinations to promote at the right time. Promotional campaigns can be entirely automated so that messages will appear to catch customers' attention as they scroll through a menu.

The pop-up message should work like a recommendation, so your customers will want to try a combination suggested.

Opt for multiple payment integrations:

A restaurant QR code ordering system includes payment gateways as well. Online payment is a feature that customers value because it makes their dining experience more convenient, so do not limit your options while designing a digital menu. Make sure your menu incorporates multiple payment gateways so customers can choose their preferred payment app.

Check the QR code performance:

Once you finalize the menu designs and the integrations, it is time for you to test out the menu. Run the QR code scan test first; a code must be simple to read and accessible on iOS and Android devices both. You must be able to access the menu by rapidly scanning the QR code with the camera on your phone. Customers who have just started making the digital transition should also be able to access your menu and for that your menu must be user-friendly.

Once your QR code menu passes the scan test, it is time for you to check the menu load speed. The faster a menu loads the better as it will enhance the user experience. Menu navigation should also be simple for customers; user-friendly menus can increase sales and impress customers. Make sure you can seamlessly initiate updates anytime, anywhere.

The guide here discusses key aspects of the digital menu design process. Keep these pointers in mind and reach out to eMenu. We have been designing digital menus for the hospitality industry across the globe. Contact us, and let us take care of your menu.