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How to choose a digital menu provider?
Tue, Apr 25, 2023

How to choose a digital menu provider?

The restaurant industry has finally caught up with the digital wave, and restaurants are investing in digital solutions to cater to digitally savvy customers and streamline their restaurant operations. Digital menus are now rapidly transforming the industry as restaurant operators are busy enjoying the multifaceted benefits a digital menu has to offer. You should contact a digital menu provider if you want to implement a digital menu to grow your restaurant business.

With so many choices, how do you decide which menu provider to choose? Here are some pointers to help you find the ideal digital menu provider.

Tips for selecting the ideal digital menu provider:

Look for experience:

You are about to invest in a digital solution that can change the future of your business. A digital menu has exclusive features that contribute to streamlining your service and business operations. Hence, the digital menu provider must possess more than technical expertise; extensive experience in designing online restaurant ordering software for different clients is a must. The more experience they have, the better. Experienced providers understand industry standard and can handle diverse design requirements. They are reliable and have a long list of satisfying customers.

Their client base:

Once you have shortlisted a couple of names, you should check out their website to learn about their client base. Do they design menus for only local restaurants or do they have a global client base? When you explore their website, you can learn about the clients they have served so far. If a vendor has been designing a digital dine in menu for reputed local and global clients simultaneously, you must settle for them. They are reliable and have a long history of satisfying customers. Check out client testimonials and reviews as well to gauge their success rate. If they have handled many clients successfully, they know what it takes to design an efficient and interactive digital menu for you.

Check out their portfolio:

The next step should be to check their portfolio. Visit the websites of your shortlisted vendors and look for the menus they have designed so far. Look for factors like versatility, customization, innovation, and a user-friendly interface; go through each digital menu to see how lucid your experience is as a user. The portfolio should give you a precise idea of how capable they are of handling different client demands. If their portfolio seems versatile, innovative, and user-friendly, they are the ones you should opt for.

Look for features:

Once you are done checking your digital menu provider's experience and expertise, you should move on to the next crucial step; checking out which features they promise to include in a menu design. Online restaurant ordering software now does more than just offer a contactless digital experience; it also aids in marketing and helps in streamlining business operations. Explore their product section and look for features like-

  • Customization
  • Dynamic display
  • Advanced analytics
  • Guest feedback
  • Multiple language settings
  • Payment gateways

If your digital menu provider offers such features and keeps the interface user-friendly, then it should be a yes from your side. Digital menus require great images and videos of your dishes, help you upsell during happy hours, and capture real-time customer data to learn more about your customers' preferences. It needs to be customized, and most importantly, it should be easy to update anytime, anywhere. Menu navigation should be easy for people who do not have any technical expertise.

Learn about their integration partners and support:

A digital dine in menu also includes payment gateways; therefore, look for the integration partners they have tied up with. If your menu supports only one or two selected payment gateways, your customers' options will be limited while making payments. Opt for providers who partner with major payment solution providers, POS systems, and marketing agencies.

One more key factor to consider will be the support they provide. You may not be able to handle all the admin work. Check with them to learn whether they have a support team to handle all the admin work and provide tech support in the long run.

Designing and uploading a digital menu should be a hassle-free experience, and you need to find the right digital menu provider. Do not take this decision lightly, and do not settle for cheap solutions available out there. At eMenu we have worked with 800+ brands across the globe, and we have successfully designed menus for the hospitality industry.

Our digital menu is easy to design and upload, and we will take care of the admin work so that you can stay focused on your business. Reach out to us today.