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How To Ace Your Restaurant’s Marketing Game With A Digital Menu?
Mon, Apr 10, 2023

How To Ace Your Restaurant’s Marketing Game With A Digital Menu?

No matter which industry you are a part of, you must compete to win over customers. The restaurants face stiff competition in the industry and must think outside the box to develop a marketing strategy that stands out.

The majority of restaurant owners are unaware of the fact that digital menus can help them win the marketing game. The secret lies in the unique features of your digital menu, which can work to your advantage. Here are some tips that you should check out!

Tips for using your digital menu to boost your marketing game:

Use your digital menu to brainstorm happy hour strategies:

“Happy hours” can be a sales booster during slow hours at a restaurant or a bar; by devising "happy hour" strategies, long-term benefits can be derived too. Along with slashing prices of drinks during the “happy hour”, concoct special menus as well. Create food and drink combos and keep changing the menu by introducing different food options. You can also test out new items during the “happy hour” to create a buzz.

Promoting “happy hour” special menus is easy with the digital QR code menu app. Create special menus and update them automatically with just a few taps. Customers browsing the menu get immediately notified of exclusive “happy hour” menus and prices. A digital menu from eMenu helps create pop-ups using stunning visuals of food and beverages to draw customers' attention.

Create tempting food combos and upsell with a digital menu:

A digital menu can help with upselling, as you can promote items without any hassle. Create seasonal dishes, offer special discounts to include on your digital menu, or schedule them to appear on your menu at specific times. It is a great way to draw customer attention; the restaurant QR code ordering system can aid you by allowing you to put in a QR code that points the customers to a special discount offer valid for an hour or on certain items. If you want to create exclusive items for special occasions, you can promote those items by creating engaging promotional content on your digital menu.

Decode customer data and personalize:

Nothing makes customers happier than being offered a personalized experience at their favorite restaurant. A digital menu gets powered by an advanced analytics tool that helps capture customer data. View customer order history and promote items based on customer preferences.

For repeat customers, offer special discounts on their favorite beverages on their birthdays and anniversaries. Create special food and beverage combos for them based on their preferences. The digital QR code menu app has a feedback section. You can develop a powerful marketing strategy by keeping track of the feedback provided by your customers. Remove items that aren't working well and replace them with items that are in demand, such as gluten-free food items.

Build your social media presence:

Social media presents the ideal promotional platform; therefore, use your visually appealing digital menu to promote your restaurant. Customize your digital menu and use your restaurant logo to build your brand identity; Use high-definition food images, and videos to enhance the visual appeal of your menu and share them on social media.

Digital menus are a powerful tool to instantly attract customers and help generate buzz when lush food images get shared on popular social media platforms such as Instagram. If there is something unique about your menu, highlight that to stand out from the crowd; it can be anything from gluten-free items to organic ingredients. Promote your USP to create a niche for you on social media. Create QR codes to promote limited-time special offers on your social media accounts. Your restaurant QR code ordering system can thus drive more traffic and help create buzz around your brand. Also, keep rotating items on your digital menu to keep it intriguing.

A digital menu is a tool a restaurant requires today to strengthen its promotional efforts and sharpen its marketing game. Stay one step ahead with eMenu, and discover the power of a digital menu with us. Get a custom domain, access customer data, and use its multilingual setting to win customers!