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How can a digital QR code menu help you increase sales?
Fri, Mar 31, 2023

How can a digital QR code menu help you increase sales?

Thanks to restaurants' adoption of the QR code digital menu, dining out is evolving into a highly convenient activity for customers. A digital dine in menu can change the dining experience and enable customers to access the menu digitally. Customers can now order and pay simultaneously using a QR code menu app. Restaurants yet to adopt this menu must learn about its unique features to understand how it can help restaurants sell more. We have put together some key points to help you understand how to sell more using a QR code menu, get ready to find out what these are.

A digital QR code menu can increase sales: Here's how it can be done!

Create a special happy hour menu by automatically setting prices:

Bars and restaurants boost sales during slow periods implementing "happy hour" strategies. A restaurant can significantly boost sales during happy hour by devising innovative strategies. You can adjust the prices of the beverages served; it is a good idea to slash the prices of the drinks that are not selling well. You can automatically update the price on the digital menu from eMenu with a quick tap. Another good way to increase sales is to create some unique food pairings with your drinks to create a special happy hour menu. Again, you can create and update this special “happy hour” menu without any hassle. Along with selling more during the happy hour, you will also be able to retain your customers, who will love to come back for such attractive discounts.

Start offering an online ordering service:

Online ordering is quite a popular trend now, and by offering this service at your restaurant, you can increase your sales. All you require is online restaurant ordering software to start this service. The customers will order and pay from their device, enjoying a contactless and convenient service. Since they are ordering from home and are likely to order more, it is a good idea to offer food combos to sell more. With a digital menu, you can facilitate online ordering and earn more revenue by removing third-party food apps from the ordering process.

Upsell more with a digital menu:

When it comes to increasing sales, nothing can work better than efficient sales strategies. Upselling is the key to promoting your items and encouraging your customers to buy more. A QR code menu app will make upselling more effective because you can prepare special promotional offers and discounts beforehand and schedule them. When your customers browse the menu on their own, the offers pop up on the menu. Engaging a wait staff for upselling might not be effective because in-person upselling might be an awkward experience for the customers, and they might be reluctant to show any interest in buying. However, upselling with a digital menu is definitely more effective and offers a more personalized experience for the customers.

Pay attention to customer data:

A digital menu from eMenu contains a guest feedback section and offers advanced analytics to keep you informed, about your customers' preferences. By analyzing your guests’ feedback, you can gauge their likes and dislikes. Advanced analytics will further sharpen your knowledge by allowing you to analyze customers’ preferences. You can analyze their order history and understand their preferences. You can create customized offers based on the information you procure about your regular customers. On the other hand, you can also understand the popular demand and modify your service accordingly.

Multiple payment gateways will boost your business:

It is the age of digital payments, and therefore, the customers at your restaurant will also want to pay from their favorite payment app. While getting an online restaurant ordering software, make sure that it offers multiple payment gateway integration so that your customers can choose from different payment options. Having access to so many options will make your customers happy. A convenient dining experience is what your customers prefer, and when you provide them with that, your chances of increasing your sales increase.

Sell more with a digital QR code menu app and watch your restaurant grow. eMenu can aid you by offering the ideal digital menu with advanced analytics, a guest feedback section, and multiple integrations with leading payment gateways. It has cutting-edge features to take your business to the next level.