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From Screen to Plate: Showcasing User-Generated eMenu Experiences
Wed, Sep 13, 2023

From Screen to Plate: Showcasing User-Generated eMenu Experiences

For any business, effective brand promotion holds the key to success, and the restaurant business is no different. Promoting a restaurant business is challenging, and the only way to succeed is to reinvent one's strategies.

Interestingly, word-of-mouth advertising, the tried and tested marketing recipe, is now re-emerging as a new marketing trend: UGC, or user-generated content.

Your digital tablet menu can help you take advantage of user-generated content to help your business scale up. It is a great way to enhance authenticity and turn heads in your direction. Let's find out more.

How can a digital menu help you showcase UGC?

Before delving into details, we must first understand UGC.

What is UGC?

UGC, or user-generated content, can be content in any format, such as videos, photos, feedback, reviews, or even blog posts. Your guests generate the content and share it on social media platforms, review websites, and even Pin it.

The user-generated content is spontaneous, authentic, and free; the customers or guests willingly share their experience regarding a product or service on the online platforms.

UGC is now considered the most powerful marketing tool because it is authentic and not promotional content created by a brand. Hence, people would trust it more than some cleverly created brand message.

In this digital age, when people are constantly researching their options before shopping or selecting a restaurant for dinner, UGC can play a major role in promoting a business.

How do I use a restaurant QR menu to generate UGC?

By implementing the best QR code for the restaurant menu, restaurants can do more than just offer a digital dining experience to their guests. The restaurant QR menu can come in handy by allowing guests to quickly scan a dynamic QR code to post a review or a picture online.

With eMenu, you can create an advanced QR code menu ordering system that allows a restaurant to create an unlimited number of QR codes. The codes are easy to manage, and you can take advantage of them as per your needs.

A digital menu created by eMenu holds endless possibilities. Let’s learn how an iPad menu for restaurants can help take advantage of UGC.

  • Digital menu visuals: Include high-resolution images of the dishes and beverages on your digital tablet menu. Now, diners love posting the food and beverage images they order at a restaurant on Instagram and other social media channels.

    The presentation would matter; therefore, you should work on that. Hire professional food photography services to click Instagram-worthy images. Encourage your customers to share photos on Instagram or other platforms.

    For example, if customers order Strawberry Elder Flower Cream and publish the menu photograph on their social media account, mentioning your restaurant, your business will benefit.

  • Create and add videos to your digital food menu:

    eMenu creates the best QR code for a restaurant menu and lets you add videos to the menu. You can create short videos to depict anything related to your restaurant. Encourage the customers to share the video they like using a QR code on the menu.

    It will attract the right amount of curiosity because your restaurant's consumers will share it. Create interesting themes or a montage of moments your guests will find worth sharing.

    You can also offer them incentives if they share your images, videos, or any other content on their social media handles. Create special QR codes they can scan to access an offer every time they post about your restaurant.

  • Guest feedback lends authenticity. Guest feedback can be a valuable element for any restaurant; eMenu-designed restaurant QR menus will contain a guest feedback section. Ask your guests to leave feedback regarding your service, ambiance, and food. Post this feedback on the online review sites.

Additionally, you may choose specific reviews that stand out and favorably describe your restaurant. You can post these reviews on your restaurant’s social media page. Such feedback is authentic and valuable; hence, posting it would work in your favor.

How can restaurants benefit from UGC?

  • Enhance credibility: UGC is authentic and unfiltered; hence, such content is trusted by people and impacts their decision-making process. Use your best QR code for the restaurant menu https://www.emenu.ae/why-emenu to encourage guests to share images and feedback. It will establish your brand on solid ground, as people will feel eager to explore a restaurant that so many people love.
  • Does not require investment: UGC is spontaneous, and people create and share it willingly. It is not like marketing or branding content that a restaurant needs to invest in. It is free.
  • UGC helps create a bond: UGC is highly effective in establishing a bond between a restaurant brand and its guests. Such activities foster a sense of community among the guests, which in turn will increase conversion. It will encourage potential customers to be a part of the community as well.

Take advantage of UGC to lend authenticity to your branding efforts. Let your digital tablet menu be an effective tool for generating UGC. eMenu designs digital food menus that are highly efficient and versatile as well. Power up your business with a digital menu today.