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From Pixels to Palate: How Technology is Revolutionizing Menu Visuals
Wed, Aug 23, 2023

From Pixels to Palate: How Technology is Revolutionizing Menu Visuals

The restaurant industry has found the perfect digital tool in the form of a digital menu. Thanks to the advanced features of a QR table ordering system, it is now considered an invaluable asset for a restaurant. However, one of the most significant features of a digital menu is that it contains enticing visuals in the form of images, videos, and animations.

The visual representation of food and beverages sold at a restaurant piques customers' interest, attracts more customers, and increases sales. Empower your digital menu with professional food photography to establish your brand, promote it on social media, and engage your customers. At eMenu, we offer food photography, video animations, and graphic design solutions to design a visually engaging restaurant table QR code menu.

The power of digital menu visuals: Why should restaurants invest in them?

Let your food stand out!

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Mere textual descriptions are no longer enticing for a generation of diners who live in a digital world. Now they share their culinary experiences on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook when they eat out. They share images of the burger they are having or the new coffee flavor they enjoyed on their social media handles.

They will look for visual content when they dine out. Add tempting high-resolution food images to your restaurant table QR code menu to create an unforgettable first impression. The customers will love to explore your menu, as the high-resolution images will capture their attention in no time. Studies have shown that visually appealing digital tablet menus can significantly boost sales. Attractive images on your menu can entice customers to try new dishes.

Convey information with clarity:

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The customers may not have the time or patience to go through the boring menu descriptions; Customers may not even fully comprehend a dish's ingredients or preparation method even after reading the description. With a visually appealing QR table ordering system, they can easily grasp what the dish is like.

They may feel tempted to order the dish, and they can also decide the quantity they should order. The food images will give them clarity regarding how creamy or crunchy a dish may be. You can prepare short videos by compiling snippets of the food preparation, garnishing a dish, or even showing ingredients and the end-products. The videos will offer them clarity regarding the dish and intrigue them. They are more likely to engage more with your place. Such visuals will lend authenticity to your brand.

While exploring the menu, they may feel tempted to add more dishes to their order. With eMenu, add GIFs and animation to create a dynamic, interactive menu that keeps the customers engaged. Stimulate their appetite and increase order value with your restaurant table QR code menu.

Stand out from the crowd:

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A simple yet highly effective way to beat your competitors is to include the food images in your restaurant table QR code menu. It's essential to upgrade your restaurant's menu to a digital format that showcases mouth-watering food images if your competitors are still using paper menus. You have a bigger chance of acquiring and retaining customers with a digital food menu.

Both you and your competitor may be selling the ‍-Classic Eggs Benedict; but if you add a high-resolution image of the ‍Classic Eggs Benedict to your QR code ordering system, and use the right food styling technique, you have a higher chance of tempting the customer to order it when they visit your restaurant.

Boost your marketing efforts:

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A visually appealing digital menu can boost your marketing efforts and may help you upsell successfully. The textual information may not create the desired impact; resort to visual upselling by combining tempting food images, videos, and animation in your restaurant table QR code menu.

Instead of merely pushing a message asking diners to order extra fries or a side dish, showcase the images of dishes they may want to order.

If a diner is ordering lunch, let the image of this delectable Caramel Brownie pop up on their digital tablet menu and tempt them to click order. Push your dinner specials with eye-grabbing animated messages that customers will enjoy exploring. Upselling and cross-selling efforts will get a great boost if you add visual elements to your digital menu.

Build brand credibility:

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Adding food images and other visual components to your digital menu will help boost your restaurant's brand credibility. If you display your food images on your restaurant table QR code menu, customers will view your brand as credible.

You are offering them an exclusive experience. Millennials and Gen Z customers would prefer a restaurant that showcases their food through a dynamic digital menu. Use GIFs such as pouring cream or coffee to catch their attention. However, be careful about your food styling and presentation because the end product must be the same as shown in the picture. We at eMenu offer food photography services as well to help out style their food in an authentic and tempting manner to grab customer attention.

Stir the customers’ desire and stimulate their appetite with brilliant food visuals. Let your digital menu do the talking and entice your customers to order more. eMenu builds beautiful menus for the hospitality industry. Contact us today and let us transform your restaurant's menu.