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Evolution of restaurant menu: From paper menus to digital tablet menus
Wed, Oct 11, 2023

Evolution of restaurant menu: From paper menus to digital tablet menus

The restaurant industry has been through a big transformation since the pandemic. The industry resorted to restaurant QR ordering systems and bid adieu to the good old paper menus to introduce contactless dining solutions. Thus, the digital tablet menu became the new trend that has now taken the industry by storm. In the post-pandemic phase, restaurants are ditching paper menus and investing in digital menus which are a convenient, efficient, and economical choice.

The restaurant menu is a powerful tool, but it is often taken for granted. The restaurant menu must be designed to position your brand and what you have to offer strategically to draw the right attention.

Let's discuss the restaurant menu evolution and how the digital tablet menu is proving to be a game changer.

Why are digital tablet menus replacing paper menus?

The paper menus only present information about the dishes, pricing, and beverages. The menus may or may not contain images, and even if they do, there will only be images of a handful of dishes.

The paper menus are costly to update, and it is also a time-consuming venture. The restaurants need to use a separate menu board to announce specials or inform customers about the unavailability of a dish or a price change.

The ordering process is painfully slow because the customers have to draw the wait staff's attention to access the menu in the first place. The chances of misinterpretation and miscommunication are also high with a paper menu, leading to financial losses.

The digital menu changes that and lends efficiency to the whole service operation. Let's learn about the revolutionary changes that the digital menu has brought.

A digital tablet menu lets customers make informed choices:

A digital tablet menu has transformed the restaurant menu. A digital menu contains dish images, a brief description of every dish and beverage, a list of ingredients, and allergen and nutrient information.

It helps the customer understand what a particular dish gets prepared with and whether they are allergic to any ingredients. The image of the dish helps a customer gain clarity regarding what the dish would be like.

The customers can make an informed decision without relying on the wait staff to guide them. The digital food menus remove the guesswork from the decision-making process successfully.

A digital tablet menu promises quick service:

The digital menu removes the hassle of involving wait staff for order placement. The customers will download the menu on their device by scanning a QR code. They can place the order and also make payments to complete the process. A digital menu has multiple payment gateway options; customers can select one to complete payment.

It quickens the process and allows restaurants to serve many customers. The wait staff too can engage in productive activities instead of waiting on customers.

A digital tablet menu is a sustainable option:

Paper menus are not sustainable choices, as printing and reprinting paper menus take a toll on the environment. Tonnes of paper are wasted every year because of printed paper menus. A digital menu effectively tackles the issue by eliminating paper waste. A digital tablet menu may be updated instantaneously and numerous times per day to reflect even minor price adjustments or to alert clients when an item is out of stock.

It is a quick process and does not cost anything. The updates are reflected on the digital menus immediately across locations.

A digital tablet menu is convenient:

The restaurants are taking note of the fact that customers now seek digital convenience when they eat out. Customers prefer having access to a digital menu to complete the order and payment process digitally. Most of them prefer digital payments, and hence a restaurant's digital menu serves their interests best.

The digital menu from eMenu has a multilingual setting that makes it easier for customers to explore the restaurant menu in their language. The digital menu offers convenience, which the customers seek.

A digital tablet menu promises profitability:

The restaurants must optimize the menu for more profit. The digital menus offer real-time data that allows the restaurants to gauge the popularity of the dishes and make changes accordingly.

Promoting seasonal items and special menus becomes simpler with a digital tablet menu. Whether you want to promote weekly specials or dinner specials for a specific period, the digital QR menu will help you create promotional messages with tempting food images.

You can create a special menu for promotional purposes and switch between menus as necessary. eMenu makes the process seamless.

The restaurant menu has come a long way, and the digital menu is now paving the way for a future by offering endless possibilities for the restaurant industry. Embrace the change now and let eMenu help you design the best digital menu.