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Driving Revenue Growth: Unlocking Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities with eMenu
Thu, Jul 20, 2023

Driving Revenue Growth: Unlocking Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities with eMenu

Enhancing revenue in your restaurant business is essential to its growth. A restaurateur needs to brainstorm ideas and strategies to push the sales figures up. Upselling and cross-selling are the most effective and time-tested strategies that restaurants resort to increase sales.

Traditionally, in a restaurant servers are in charge of implementing these strategies. But with online restaurant ordering software from eMenu, you can successfully upsell and cross-sell using the dynamic features of your digital menu.

A digital menu can enhance the efficiency of upselling and cross-selling techniques and encourage customers to spend more. Let’s learn how you can unlock upselling and cross-selling opportunities with eMenu.

Upsell & Cross-sell: What are these strategies?

Before we discuss opportunities or strategies, we must understand both concepts clearly.


Upselling is a sales strategy through which you suggest a premium product with a high order value to your customer. For example, if a customer is ordering a medium-sized dish, suggest they opt for the large size instead at a slightly higher price. Offer consumers meal combinations with a high order value as the best choice.

Digital Menu


Cross selling refers to suggesting add-ons to the customers when they place the order. These items are more like complimentary items that customers may like to order. For instance, if a customer orders a vegan lunch recommend them a vegan dessert.

Now that we know how these strategies work let's find out how you can implement them by creating QR codes for menus.

Restaurant QR Menu

How do you upsell and cross-sell with a digital menu?

Digital recommendations work best:

As we have mentioned previously, traditionally, the wait staff upsell or cross-sell items at a restaurant. The customers may not feel comfortable with in-person upselling or cross-selling efforts and may feel reluctant or self-conscious about ordering more than they intend to order.

When such upselling or cross-selling offers pop up on their online restaurant ordering software, they are more likely to feel tempted to explore these offers and take advantage of them.

By creating QR codes for menus, you can plan such marketing campaigns. Create campaigns that will appear just when a buyer is ready to place an order by using graphics, videos, or animation. Customers will be drawn to the message and may feel tempted to take advantage of these offers.

Push items and cross-sell with a digital menu:

A digital menu is the best tool to cross-sell items at your restaurant. When a guest is ordering a meal, push pop-ups of wines or other beverages that will go nicely with the meal. They will check out the options available and add the beverages they like to their order.

It is a highly effective method; you can also select specific items you want to push through a cross-selling campaign; you may choose items that are not ordered frequently, and it is a great way to bring them to the customer’s attention through a virtual menu QR code (https://www.emenu.ae/why-emenu) . Your pop-up message may tempt them by suggesting that if they order a high-value and low-cost item together, they will save more.

Best QR code for the Restaurant Menu

Modify and update the menu:

When you are using online restaurant ordering software to promote items, you need to make frequent modifications. A digital menu can be updated frequently with a single tap. You can create food combos or pair a dish with a beverage and create a new segment in your menu.

With a quick tap, the restaurant QR menu will be updated across all locations. You can select a special day to push only these combo offers to garner huge profits. You can also use the best QR code for the restaurant menu to promote discounts on selected items.

Use advanced analytics:

A virtual menu QR code has an embedded advanced analytics tool. Access the dataset captured in real-time and analyze the data to identify items that customers frequently order together.

Their order pattern will show which food items customers prefer to order together, or which beverages they like to order alongside a meal. It will give you the cross-selling suggestions you need to plan your upcoming promotions. Start pairing items on the digital food menu which are likely to sell more.

Promote specials:

Digital Tablet Menu

You can ace the upselling game by creating specials and pushing them through your digital tablet menu. eMenu enables you to create separate menus for day and night; take advantage of this feature and create diner specials with items that promise a high-profit margin but are comparatively low in cost. Push these specials through the restaurant QR ordering system.

You can also create specials to promote seasonal offers, such as cupcake combos for Valentine's Day. Keep reinventing your menu by rotating menu items and presenting your customers with innovative options.

With eMenu’s restaurant QR menu , your possibilities are endless. Take advantage of the features and unlock new opportunities to upsell and cross-sell items to maximize profit.