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Don’t believe in these QR code contactless menu myths!
Wed, Jan 11, 2023

Don’t believe in these QR code contactless menu myths!

The QR code table ordering system is gaining momentum across the hospitality industry, and many restaurants are adopting this measure to survive in the post-pandemic world. The safety regulations require restaurants to implement contactless digital measures to create a safe ambiance in the restaurant. Despite this trend becoming increasingly popular, some restaurant owners have chosen not to implement it because of misunderstandings and myths about the QR code contactless menu. This blog discusses some of these common myths and busts them with facts. Without any further ado, let's begin.

QR code contactless menu myths vs the truth:

Myth 1:

Creating QR codes for menus will lead to confusion:

It is a common myth that the inclusion of the QR code contactless menu will complicate the entire ordering process.

Truth: Implementing a contactless QR code menu will actually streamline the ordering process. The entire operation becomes streamlined as the customers remain in control of the ordering process. Paper menus are no longer required, and the restaurant staff no longer has to bear the inconvenience of delivering them and patiently waiting for orders to get placed. It is time-consuming, and the customers often feel rushed to place their orders. However, the digital dine in menu will remove all these hassles from the ordering process by putting the customers in charge. They can scan the code as they sit at the table, and thereby, they can download the restaurant menu. The customers can explore the visually appealing menu and place an order at their own pace. It enhances the service quality and simplifies the ordering process, which will only boost business.

Myth 2:

The QR code contactless menu is expensive. The restaurant owners feel unsure about making this costly investment.

Truth: It is nothing but a myth. The reality is far from it; paper menus are considered inexpensive, but these menus keep adding to the operational costs. It will be expensive to update these menus or make a few changes; paper menus must get reprinted each time something needs to be modified. The paper menus are prone to wear and tear, and the menu design also needs to be updated, which means the menus must be redesigned and reprinted. The operational costs will only go up. However, by creating QR codes for menus, you make a one-time investment that brings a high ROI.


The QR code contactless menu is nothing but a fad.

Truth: It is a misconception that the QR code menu is just a passing trend or fad that will soon become obsolete. The digital upgrade is a requirement that no restaurant can afford to ignore anymore. The hospitality sector is required to follow a set of safety requirements as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, the restaurants must implement contact-free digital solutions to ensure client safety. Investing in a digital dine in menu becomes more significant now. The customers can scan the QR code to access the menu and place an order. A contactless menu ensures a safe dining experience for both customers and restaurant employees. Even in the post-pandemic phase, the regulations are still followed, and the risk has not diminished completely, so in the coming days, the reliance on digital measures like a QR code menu will only grow.

Myth 4:

Technology can be daunting. The QR code menu will be difficult to set up and learn.

Truth: The assumption that a QR code menu will be complicated to learn and set up prevents the restaurant management from implementing it. However, the reality is quite different; it is simple and easy to set up. The digital menu comes with innovative features and an easy-to-use interface. The customers and the restaurant employees can learn to use it from the start. There are no complications involved. Also, the menu can be updated multiple times with a slight touch, without any cost. Furthermore, payment gateways are included to ensure the guests can order and pay from their devices without engaging with a wait staff.

Those were a couple of common myths or misconceptions surrounding the QR code contactless menu. It is always wise to learn the facts instead of believing in a myth. eMenu is a trusted provider of QR code menus and is fulfilling the digital requirements of the hospitality industry successfully. Stop believing in myths, and reach out to us to clarify your doubts and make the digital transition.