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Do not let printed menus slow down your growth!
Fri, May 5, 2023

Do not let printed menus slow down your growth!

A menu acts as the communication tool between a restaurant and its customers. The customers explore the menu at a restaurant to know what the restaurant has to offer. A printed paper menu has become a dated tool that no longer works in today’s fast-paced, digital world. The QR code menus are now trending big in the restaurant sector and are transforming the customer experience.

As a restaurant operator, you should take the digital route by letting go of your old paper menu. A paper menu will slow down your growth, whereas a feature-rich digital menu from eMenu will be a powerful selling tool that will propel your growth.

This blog discusses why a paper menu is irrelevant while highlighting the advantages only a digital menu can offer. Learn more here.

Why are digital menus better than paper menus?

Before explaining why digital menus are better, it's necessary to understand what a printed paper menu lacks.

What are the drawbacks of a paper menu?

  • A paper menu is unhygienic: A paper menu travels around the restaurant and is touched by many people every single day. It is the perfect breeding ground for germs.
  • A paper menu is costly to update: Menus must get updated regularly, and updating printed menus is an expensive and time-consuming process.
  • Paper menus fail to capture customer attention: The paper menus do not contain images, and are not interactive at all.
  • Paper menus cannot provide data: Businesses are now busy taking advantage of customer data to offer personalized services. A paper menu cannot provide any data regarding customer preferences.
  • Paper menus are not ideal for promotional purposes: Paper menus cannot promote an offer or upsell a dish. A menu board will be required for announcing the dinner specials, price changes, and even discounts.

What are the advantages of a digital menu?

A digital menu provides contactless service:

With a digital dine in menu a restaurant can offer contactless service. The process is simple and hygienic; a customer downloads the menu by scanning the QR code on the table, browses the menu on their device to decide what to order, places the order, and completes the payment process in one go. It is a contactless and hygienic process. For today's tech-savvy customers, it is the best option.

Create your niche in the market by adopting a QR code menu online from eMenu.

Quick updates:

Updating a digital menu is a simple and seamless process with no additional costs involved. You have the complete freedom to update the menu as required. Announce daily specials, inform customers about “sold out” items, and slash prices during “Happy Hour” instantly. Make as many alterations as needed and update instantly without any extra cost.

A digital menu has visual appeal:

A digital menu contains images, videos, and animation to capture customers' attention. Simplify the browsing experience by creating categories such as:

  • Food, beverages, dessert
  • All-day menu, breakfast menu, “Happy Hour” menu
  • Vegan menu, Gluten-free menu

An easy-to-navigate, captivating menu will be a big hit among customers and will help a restaurant earn higher revenue.

A digital menu offers real-time data:

A digital menu from eMenu, offers an advanced analytics tool that allows a restaurant owner to access data to analyze customer behavior. Be armed with information regarding their favorite and least favorite items on the menu.

It allows you to optimize your menu to increase revenue. If a particular item is not working, remove it from the menu; put your focus on the type of food customers are relishing the most at your place. Since a digital dine in menu tracks customer data you can also create a personalized service for your repeat customers.

Your digital menu is a powerful upselling tool:

Upsell your items by creating innovative marketing campaigns with your digital menu. Let videos, or images pop up on the screen when a customer is exploring the menu to inform him about dinner specials. When a customer selects a particular item on the menu images of a side dish or beverage can pop up as add-on suggestions.

You can also offer combo options at a special price they can take advantage of by scanning special QR codes. A digital menu can help you upsell effectively resulting in higher revenues.

Transform your business with a digital menu by taking advantage of its features. A paper menu has become obsolete; replace it with a powerful QR code menu online from eMenu.

At eMenu, we know what a restaurant operator requires to steer their business toward growth. We power up our digital menu with exclusive features such as advanced analytics, guest feedback section, multilingual setting, and multiple integrations with major POS and payment apps.

Stop falling behind, let go of your paper menu and go digital with us.