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Digital menu benefits: Promote special offers and promotions
Mon, Oct 2, 2023

Digital menu benefits: Promote special offers and promotions

The restaurant industry has started its digital journey by adopting digital menus and digital payment solutions. The transition from paper menu to digital tablet menu has been a big leap for the industry, and the transition is proving to be beneficial in more ways than one.

The diverse features of a restaurant QR menu can do more than just provide information. It can also be the ideal marketing and promotional tool restaurants seek to upsell items, retain customers, and expand their business.

If you haven't made the switch already, it is time to check out the digital menu features that we at eMenu offer and learn how to use digital menus to promote special offers and promotions. Read on.

How do you promote special offers and promotions with digital menus?

The digital QR code menu ordering system is the digitalized version of the restaurant menu. The guests download the menu by scanning the QR code using their smartphone.

They explore the menu to select items, place the order with a quick tap, and also complete the order by selecting their preferred payment app.

eMenu integrates with all leading payment apps to allow guests greater freedom.

Now let's take a look at how digital tablet menus can help promote special offers.

Customize your promotions:

A digital menu designed by eMenu has advanced analytics embedded in it. The restaurants can access real-time data and analyze the dataset to identify order patterns. You can impress your guests by offering them customized offers instead of random average discounts on something they would not be interested in.

For example, a huge discount on burgers may not appeal to a particular customer or customers who have never ordered a burger at your restaurant.

But with data procured from your QR code menu ordering system, you can personalize an offer; you can identify the customers who almost always order a burger and promote the offer to them. They are likely to grab the offer. This way, your promotional campaign will be a resounding success.

The visual appeal will work in your favor:

An upsell offer is more likely to make the desired impact if it comes with an image of the dish or beverage. According to studies, a visual presentation may entice a buyer to spend more money.

If you are upselling "Iced Spanish Latte", do not just put the name in your pop-up message.

You should also add an image or a GIF to the message to allow your guests to take a look at the beverage on offer.

The guests will feel tempted by the visual representation, and they would like to try it out.

Create digital QR menus with delicious food and beverages and create upselling messages that would result in great profit.

Promote limited-period offers with an instant update:

Offer special promotions, dinner specials, and more such limited-period offers with your QR code menu ordering system. Unlike a paper menu, you can update the digital menus in a jiffy and grab the customer's attention quickly.

If you want to promote "happy hour" offers, it will only take a tap to adjust the pricing of select beverages and food items. Since eMenu's restaurant QR menus are centrally managed, the change in pricing will immediately reflect on the menu.

You can also promote special menus with a dynamic QR code. Use a pop-up message to inform the customers of the happy hour special menu and put the QR code in the message. The customers will quickly scan the code to check out the digital food menu.

Surprise your guests with rewards!

Your digital food menu can help you track customer reward programs. Once they have earned specific reward points, present them with the reward they have won. Let them access the reward with a special QR code that they can scan to grab the reward.

The customers will be happy to receive their reward, and you can also send them notifications informing them about the reward points they have earned so far. It is a great way to bond with your customers.

The QR ordering system is a versatile marketing tool that you can use to your benefit. Promote special offers and be ready to reach out to your customers with your digital tablet menu. Call eMenu today to create the best digital menu.