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Digital dining is gaining momentum
Thu, Oct 20, 2022

Digital dining is gaining momentum

The digital wave has touched almost every aspect of life, and restaurants are riding high on this wave to capture the customers looking for a safe digital experience in the wake of the pandemic. The practice of eating out at a high-end restaurant is changing; the restaurant staff and customers no longer traditionally engage with each other. Digital dining is not a passing trend but a reality transforming the restaurant service. QR code menu app allows customers to place an order from their device, and POS systems simplify payment processing. Digital dining is gaining momentum, and in this guide, we have discussed its different aspects.

Digital Dining: What to Know?

What caused this digital shift?

Even before the pandemic hit the globe, some restaurants had already started investing in several digital channels to upgrade their service. The aim was to remain relevant to the digitally savvy millennials and Gen Z, who formed the largest chunk of the demographic they serve. Digital alternatives like online restaurant ordering software were already gaining popularity among customers, and online food ordering was gradually becoming a popular practice. The pandemic drastically changed the scenario as staying contactless became the "new normal", and the restaurants had to close their doors.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the industry causing many restaurants to shut down. In the post-pandemic phase, it is hard for restaurants to stick to the traditional menus and billing system if they want to survive and thrive. Customers are now looking for contactless digital solutions to stay safe. Digital wallets are their go-to option for making payments, and online shopping outlets are a more popular choice than physical stores. While eating out, people now prefer to avoid germ-infested paper menus; a restaurant that offers a QR code contactless menu will be their destination now. A QR code menu app provides a seamless experience by offering multiple payment gateways as well. Customers can now order and pay from their devices without engaging with the wait staff.

What is a digital dine-in menu or a QR code menu?

Restaurants are rapidly turning away from obsolete paper menus by investing in QR code menus. A QR code menu is the digital version of a paper menu, and hence it is a smarter and safer choice! A digital menu has a QR code that the customers can scan using their mobile device, or download the menu app to access the menu on their device instantly. A QR code contactless menu simplifies the ordering process by taking care of operational hassles. A contactless QR code menu tackles many concerns and keeps the employees and the customers safe. Zero physical contact, faster order placement, and a convenient service ensure large profits. The QR code menu enhances the service quality by reducing wait time. As there is no printing cost involved operational cost also gets reduced. Orders are placed through a QR code menu app, reducing the risk of miscommunication and human error.

The digital dine-in menus are benefiting restaurant businesses:

The digital dining trend is gaining momentum as more restaurant owners are now turning to this digital alternative to save their businesses. Online restaurant ordering software is doing more than just helping restaurant businesses survive; it is also helping restaurant businesses to grow. Some of the key advantages are listed below:

  • A contactless, quick service enhances customer satisfaction and translates into large revenues.
  • Updating the menu across locations becomes a hassle-free process.
  • Access to real-time customer data helps restaurant owners tweak services according to customer demands.
  • Access to the ideal platform for promotion and effective upselling
  • Better inventory management and operational efficiency

Key takeaway: The restaurant industry is evolving rapidly, and a restaurant must introduce its customers to the digital dining experience. Implementation of advanced digital solutions is a necessity that restaurant owners cannot ignore anymore.

eMenu can help restaurant businesses make the digital transition by providing the ideal digital platform. Get ready to create and manage QR code menus to expand your customer base, and increase revenues with us.