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Data-Driven Insights: Unleashing the Power of Customer Analytics with eMenu
Wed, Jun 7, 2023

Data-Driven Insights: Unleashing the Power of Customer Analytics with eMenu

The restaurateurs are now busy implementing digital strategies and solutions to sustain their business and push it towards growth. In a world where big data is causing paradigms to shift, it is a mistake to not take advantage of data analytics. 

Sticking to paper menus will not lead you toward growth as they cannot capture any data. eMenu, the leading digital menu provider in the hospitality industry today, presents digital menus with integrated advanced analytics tools. A digital menu presents data-driven insights to empower your restaurant business by capturing customer data in real-time.

Let’s learn how data-driven insight can help your restaurant grow.

How can Customer Analytics enhance the digital dining experience?

The power of data analytics can bring about significant changes by enabling restaurateurs customize their menu, classify customers, reduce costs, create winning loyalty programs, and do more.

With eMenu you can convert your menu into a data capturing tool that presents real-time data sets that allow you to collect, measure, and analyze the datasets to identify patterns. It will help you analyze your existing service quality. Let’s delve deeper to understand why this feature is an integral part of eMenu online restaurant ordering software .

Menu optimization:

Your menu has multiple dishes on it, but do all the dishes perform equally? No, they don’t and you will not need data to answer this question; however, data can help you identify dishes that sell the most and bring in profit. Along with helping you learn which dishes do not sell at all and are not worth investment; data also helps gauge the customer preference to know which dishes have the potential to do well if they are reinvented and reintroduced. Most importantly, you will know which dishes should be used for the promotional purpose.

In short, you can optimize your menu and maximize profit by studying the customers’ order patterns. You can do a menu overhaul and create a menu that works in your favor and remove dishes that are getting a thumbs down from your customers. You can also study the latest trends to introduce new items in keeping with popular trends.

Menu personalization:

One great way to drive up sales in your restaurant is to personalize your restaurant menu. By creating QR codes for menus with integrated advanced analytics tools, eMenu lets you track customer data to help you customize the menu.

Businesses across sectors are relying on big data to create a tailor-made experience for keeping customers happy. The restaurant industry too should take advantage of the data that offer actionable insights.

The customer data set will include information about their preferences, age, demographics, and personal details like birthdays, food allergies, and so on. It works best for repeat customers; as you can utilize the data driven insight to create a personalized menu they would appreciate.

The data would let you track their order history and you can push items similar to the ones they always order. You can also surprise them on their birthdays with a special offer! With eMenu you can create a customized digital menu that can translate into big profits.

Smart marketing and promotional offers:

Creating marketing campaigns is essential to pushing your restaurant business forwards. But how do you know your campaign is going to work in your favor? It is possible that it will fail since it is not supported by real-time data.

Instead of ‘guessing’ what may work, you should channel your money and effort into creating promotional campaigns based on data-driven insights. eMenu's online restaurant ordering software can help you identify your target audience, and help you understand how to approach them.

By removing the guesswork, you can create promotions that will help you earn big revenues and make more profit. Instead of advertising a newly launched vegan meal aimlessly, you may target a segment of customers that prefers vegan goods and upsell to them. You may design captivating promotions and pop-up messages by using high-definition graphics and videos.

Create attractive loyalty programs:

By creating QR codes for menus with eMenu, access customer data to create attractive loyalty programs. As a restaurateur, you know that loyalty programs can do wonders for the business. But you must create programs that resonate with your target audience, and for that, you can rely on the customer analytics feature of eMenu.

By obtaining a deeper understanding of customers' order trends and preferences, you may develop smart loyalty programs to help your business grow.

If you keep on analyzing the data, you will identify the emerging patterns to modify programs accordingly. You can come up with innovative offers that customers will love to take advantage of and you will earn more profit.

Improve customer experience, profit more, and expand your business by taking advantage of the data-driven insight from eMenu. We transform your menu into a powerful customer analytics tool to drive your business toward success.