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Cultural Culinary Journey: Using eMenus to Explore Global Cuisine
Wed, Sep 6, 2023

Cultural Culinary Journey: Using eMenus to Explore Global Cuisine

A restaurant menu is a powerful yet underrated and undervalued communication tool. Gone are the days when a restaurant menu would be a static piece of paper providing generic information about food and beverage items.

However, the introduction of digital tools like an iPad menu for restaurants has changed the way restaurants create menus. Now restaurants utilize digital menus to take guests on a cultural culinary journey. Read on to learn how a digital menu can help you accomplish this goal.

Restaurant QR menu: Embark on a cultural culinary journey

Today, restaurants are investing in visually appealing, dynamic QR code menu ordering systems that are interactive and represent the restaurant menu more efficiently. A restaurant can add visual elements, such as images and videos, to entice customers.

However, today's diners expect more in terms of culinary experience. They look beyond the food, service, and ambiance when they dine out; they seek exclusivity. They want their experience to be unique, something they will share on their social media handles.

Now that restaurants are gradually switching to the digital tablet menu version, a visually compelling representation of the restaurant fare is needed.

The diners can pretty much grasp the idea about a dish from the accompanying image. So is there a need for a description?

The answer is yes. The digital menu descriptions now need to step beyond the generic presentation of ingredients list and method of cooking.

It should convey what is so special about a certain dish. If someone is taking a look at the 'Neapolitan Style Pizza', insert brief information about what makes Neapolitan pizza special. Its origin, what makes it so different, etc.

It adds a little touch to the whole experience.

If you source only local ingredients to prepare food at your restaurant, you must share this piece of information with your diners.

There may be diners coming from different parts of the country or even the world. While exploring the digital food menu at your restaurant, they will be pleasantly surprised to learn about it. They may feel intrigued to try out some other dishes, and your iPad menu for restaurants can certainly tempt them.

Let your restaurant QR menu tell stories:

If your restaurant serves global cuisine, do not miss the opportunity to create a digital food menu replete with stories and trivia. If you are serving 'Saffron Risotto with Tiger Prawns', include brief facts about this traditional Italian dish, like how it is prepared with only arborio rice and why a starchy rice variant is crucial to attaining the creamy texture. The accompanying image of the risotto on your digital tablet menu will further stimulate the diners’ interest in the dish.

You can also guide them towards the other authentic Italian dishes you serve at your place.

Share anecdotes with an iPad menu for restaurants:

Your QR code digital menu can be informative and entertaining. It is all about creating a unique experience for your guests. Select specific dishes that allow you to share anecdotes regarding their preparation method, origin, or even ingredients. But before sharing any humorous content, ensure that it is organic, not fabricated, and should resonate with your audience.

In this age of social media, chances are that diners would love such a fun element in your digital menu app, and they would share it on their social media handles.

Let your digital tablet menu provide information:

Your menu description can provide more than just ingredients. Provide definitions of certain food terms. For example, if you have listed 'Decadent Milkshakes Oreo' on your menu, you can provide information on 'Decadent' food items, such as how rich and savory they are; specify they are high in calories as they contain a high amount of fat, sugar, and other ingredients.

If you are serving homemade desserts at your place, explain why these desserts are called so and why your guests should try them.

Telling stories through QR code menus: benefits to be expected-

  • Stand out: When your competitors are stuck with their static menus and boring descriptions, you are weaving stories with your digital tablet menu. You will stand apart from other restaurants in your niche and draw all the right attention.
  • Grow business: In this age of digital distractions, your restaurant QR menu will capture customer attention by taking them on a virtual culinary journey. They will be ordering more and returning to the restaurant as a result of their positive experience.
  • Boosts your branding efforts: Your restaurant will have a higher chance of getting recognition and attention with such descriptive digital menus. The chances are high that your menu with its stories will be shared on social media.

Let your digital menu do the talking to boost your business. Contact eMenu and we will create a stunning and informative QR code menu for you. Contact us today.