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Check out these tips to revive your restaurant with a QR code contactless menu
Fri, Apr 21, 2023

Check out these tips to revive your restaurant with a QR code contactless menu

The QR code menu is the digitalized version of a traditional paper menu, and it’s been a while since the restaurant industry stopped showing its reluctance to adopt digital menus.

Although in the beginning, the primary reason was to offer a contactless dining experience, gradually there was a shift in their perspective; the restaurant operators started understanding and appreciating the digital menu features that allow them to create an efficient service, thereby, allowing the restaurants to drive their businesses towards growth.

If you're currently looking for a solution to empower your restaurant business, nothing can work better than a QR code contactless menu. In this blog, we've given you some advice on using your restaurant's digital QR code menu to its full potential. Let's explore.

Revive your restaurant with a QR code contactless menu: Here are the tips

Stand out from the crowd with a digital menu:

Today's tech-savvy generation looks for restaurants online, and they prefer a restaurant that promises digital convenience. By creating QR codes for menus, restaurant managers can instantly build an online presence and stand out from the crowd in an industry that is highly competitive.

Customers looking for a safe and digital dining experience will choose your restaurant. This increases your chances of attracting new customers. Digital menus encourage customers to return to your restaurant because they can order and pay from their devices. A digital menu can expand your customer base by attracting both new and repeat customers.

Customize your menu using your logo, and your brand’s color and images. Also, opt for a custom domain to build a strong brand identity and be easily locatable.

Use the digital menu's advanced analytics tool to personalize your service:

Winning customers’ hearts requires a personal approach, and from retail to the hospitality industry, customers are getting customized service. As a restaurant operator, you need to take advantage of advanced analytics tools embedded in digital QR codes. By analyzing the data that digital menus gather about customers, it is possible to understand their food and beverage preferences. Create exciting food and drink combos or surprise them with discounts on their favorites.

Pay attention to the guest feedback section of your digital menu to detect negative reviews and feedback and immediately act on it. By solving the problems consumers complain about, you show them how much you care and they will appreciate it.

Also, launch loyalty programs to show your customers they are valued.

Using a dynamic QR code in your QR code contactless menu, you can ask your customers to rate the service and drop a line in the feedback or review section. A real-time positive rating and review can go a long way toward boosting your brand.

Upsell with pop-up promotions:

One of the benefits of creating QR codes for menus is that you can create visually appealing and highly effective marketing campaigns. Use high-resolution images, and videos to create pop-up promotional content to upsell items. When customers scroll through the digital menu to view the dinner specials or to choose their favorite food alternatives, promotional content will automatically appear at a predetermined time to inform them about these options. Customers are encouraged to add food combinations and similar foods to their orders from the displayed options.

Such pop-up promotions will likely result in more sales. Evaluate the customer data captured by a digital menu and plan your advertising campaigns to enhance your chances of success.

Ensure your digital menu supports multiple payment gateways:

Since a digital menu allows customers to process orders and payments simultaneously, they can enjoy self-service. If your digital menu app does not support popular payment gateways, it will hamper their experience. A QR code contactless menu must sync with multiple payment gateways so the customers can pay using their preferred app.

Promote online ordering with your digital menu:

A digital menu not only allows restaurants to offer a convenient service in the restaurant but also enables customers to place an online order for food. Digital menus help restaurant operators expand their offerings and deliver food to their customer's doorsteps. Pay attention to the items that will be made available for online ordering. Are you willing to offer your entire menu for online ordering, or will you include a few select items? You can put the most popular items on a separate menu for online ordering. It is a great way to boost sales.

A QR code contactless menu can revive your restaurant business by opening many doors. Ensure your menu has all the necessary features that will enhance its functionality. At eMenu, we understand the requirements of restaurant operators and guide them throughout the process. Our digital menu has cutting-edge features that will help boost a restaurant's business in no time. Contact us today for a demo.