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Boosting Efficiency, Cutting Costs: Understanding the ROI of eMenu for Restaurants
Fri, Jul 7, 2023

Boosting Efficiency, Cutting Costs: Understanding the ROI of eMenu for Restaurants

Due to the rapidly changing market scenario, restaurants are switching to digital menus. Along with providing a contactless dining experience, the digital menus promise benefits to upgrade the restaurant business.

The digital menu can transform the restaurant industry as it helps boost operational efficiency, save on costs, and increase revenue. As a restaurateur, if you are feeling hesitant to invest in the digital menu, you must understand the ROI it promises.

Let’s learn about the operational efficiency, cost-cutting, and revenue-boosting features of eMenu’s QR code menu here.

How digital menus save operational costs:

Save on printing costs:

Paper menus involve high printing costs, updating the menu design or adding or deleting menu items will require reprinting. A digital menu can help you save on printing costs. It is a one-time investment for you, and every time you update the menu, you can do so without shelling out extra money.

The menu update will become a seamless process, just tap to remove old items and add new ones; promote any new item in an instant, and change the pricing of beverages or food during the 'happy hour'. Update your QR code table ordering system without any extra cost.

Saves labor costs:

A QR code payment restaurant system can help restaurants save money on hiring wait staff. Since it allows the customers to order and pay by scanning the QR code menu, no wait staff needs to get involved. The kitchen directly receives the order, and the food gets delivered. A restaurant can easily do without the wait staff and save money. Even in the event of a labor shortage, a restaurant can function without any hassle.

Save money on promotional materials!

There is no need to print flyers or other promotional materials to promote seasonal items or dinner specials. A digital QR code menu provides an excellent platform to promote items on special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day. Create multiple QR codes to direct customers towards special offers; create pop-up messages announcing dinner specials! With no extra cost involved, expect only an increase in sales!

How does a digital menu enhance efficiency?

Quick orders, easy payment:

Customers order from their devices by scanning the digital menu QR code and downloading the devices. A QR code menu will contain major payment gateways, thus enabling customers to complete the payment process. Invest in a QR code to quicken the ordering process and serve more customers. Offer a streamlined dining experience to customers to increase your profit margin.

Sell more with an optimized menu:

Take advantage of advanced analytics tools embedded in a QR code payment restaurant system. Analyze the data set to understand customer preferences and optimize your menu accordingly. Remove items no one orders, and push high-selling items.

Create separate menus for day and night and switch seamlessly. You can also launch new items on your digital menu to test the waters. If it receives a warm welcome, continue it, or remove it immediately if no one likes it. Push seasonal items with colorful pop-up messages, and always keep your menu updated.

Visual appeal leads to impulse buying:

A digital menu's visual appeal can be tempting and push customers to spend more money. Dynamic images of the dishes will tempt the customers to order more, especially when add-on items on the menu pop up while placing an order. Furthermore, when they make digital payments, they tend to spend more.

Efficient upselling:

A digital menu can boost your upselling efforts. Upselling and cross-selling strategies can be highly effective in giving a push to the restaurant business. The digital menu presents the ideal platform for boosting your upselling and cross-selling efforts. Push pop-up messages at a pre-scheduled time to grab customers' attention. Customers are more likely to take advantage of discounts and special offers if you create different QR codes that lead them to the offers.

Digital menus are a sustainable choice:

Contactless digital menu is a sustainable choice and safe for the environment. Printing paper menus will only waste paper and destroy more trees, but if you adopt a digital menu, you make a sustainable choice and reduce your carbon footprint. Save operational costs and hassles by adopting a digital menu.

A digital menu is a one-time investment that promises a high ROI. We at eMenu offer advanced QR code solutions to the hospitality industry. Choose from our cutting-edge features and create the best digital menu.