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6 reasons why you should replace paper menu with digital QR code eMenu™ in your restaurant
Fri, Aug 12, 2022

6 reasons why you should replace paper menu with digital QR code eMenu™ in your restaurant

The pandemic introduced us to the "new normal" ways of life, and we turned to digital solutions in a world where staying contactless was the only way to survive. In the post-pandemic phase, the hospitality industry started investing in contactless solutions, and digital QR code menus emerged as the ideal option. Restaurants are now gearing up for a digital makeover with the QR code contactless eMenu™ since it brings many advantages to the table. In this blog, we shall discuss the reasons why the digital QR code eMenu™ should replace paper menus. Read on to know more.

6 reasons to replace paper menus with digital QR code eMenu™:

It is contactless and safe:

In the post-COVID world, it is safer to have as many digital solutions as possible. Paper menus are not hygienic as these get passed around from table to table, and from your restaurant staff to the customers, everyone comes into contact with it. This physical contact enhances the risk of contamination. Given the kind of ordeal we all had to be through during the pandemic, everyone prefers contactless solutions. In the post-pandemic world, customers are more likely to opt for a restaurant that introduces them to a safe digital dine in menu instead of a paper menu filled with germs and bacteria. So ditch the paper menus, and say yes to the digital QR code eMenu™ to stay ahead of your competition.

Enhance customer experience:

In our fast-paced life all our activities are being digitally reshaped. Imagine the digitally savvy customers having to deal with a dated paper menu in your restaurant; it will be a frustrating experience for them. Along with the food, the overall dining experience must be top-notch for them to reconsider your place the next time they decide to eat out. By introducing your customers to a QR code eMenu™ app, you enhance your service quality. The digital menus offer an interactive visual experience that the paper menus lack. A digital menu will immediately capture a customer's attention with high-resolution images, animations, and other visual elements in a customized format. Furthermore, you can customize your menu informatively by offering specific information about the ingredients, and calorie count, which the customers can access with a single tap. This is the perfect way to engage your customers, and boost your business

Smarter promotion:

The restaurants usually promote exclusive dishes and deals to grab customer attention. Updating a paper menu to announce your upcoming offers is a hassle, as the process is time-consuming and costly. A digital dine-in menu lets you keep the customers updated with upcoming exciting offers and dinner specials without any additional hassle. With pop-up animations, you can grab the customer's attention at the right time and tempt them to avail of a limited-time offer. You can also schedule all your future promotions ahead with a digital menu. Since the process is automated, promotional content will pop up to draw customers' attention at the right time. These digital QR code menus come with attractive features that enable you to highlight your daily specials or new items and help you double up sales.

A Cost-effective Option:

It is needless to point out that printed paper menus are a costly option for a restaurant owner. If you want to update a paper menu to introduce or, delete items, the printing cost will be high. With a QR code contactless eMenu™, not only updating your menu is simple but it is also cost-effective. You can make the necessary adjustments to the existing menu, even change the design, and it will be automatically updated. No matter how often the menu gets updated, there will be no additional costs involved. Even minor changes in the pricing can be updated without any hassle. Digital QR code eMenu™ reduces operational costs and helps restaurants make more profit in the long run.

Convenient and offers unique benefits:

Digital QR code eMenu™ are more convenient and come with unique benefits. A digital QR code eMenu™ is managed by a centralized system, which means you can monitor it and make changes to your menu from any device. Since the digital menus also integrate with the POS systems, you can easily manage your inventory. You can always track your ingredients and stock up on items that are selling fast. With such smart inventory management, you can look forward to making big profits. As a QR code eMenu™ app can also be linked with multiple payment gateways, customers can make payments using their preferred getaway. They will appreciate this convenient contactless transaction and will keep returning to you for more.

Enhance service quality:

With a dated paper menu there will be a longer wait time, and your staff will remain engaged at the tables until orders are placed. A digital QR code contactless eMenu™ reduces the wait time; the customers can quickly scan the code and place the order, and your staff will be free to engage in some productive activity. The digital QR code eMenu™ also lets you capture valuable customer data that helps you make the necessary changes to your service to suit diverse customer needs. Upgrade your service quality with a digital QR code eMenu™ and stay relevant.

The six reasons discussed above make it clear that not only do the digital QR code eMenu™ offer multiple advantages but will also help you stand out from the rest. Stop using paper menus and switch to digital QR code eMenu™ to give your restaurant a digital makeover.