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5 ways QR code contactless menu can benefit both restaurants and the customers
Fri, Feb 10, 2023

5 ways QR code contactless menu can benefit both restaurants and the customers

The restaurant industry is now busy implementing digital solutions to transform its business. A QR code contactless menu is needed by restaurants to stay open for business in the "new normal" environment that is rapidly becoming more reliant on digital solutions. However, along with ensuring a contactless transaction in the restaurant, the digital menus can benefit both the restaurant businesses and their customers. This blog explains how the digital QR code menus can benefit both. Let’s begin.

5 ways a QR code contactless menu can benefit restaurants:

We will begin by analyzing the benefits restaurants can derive from QR code menus.

  • The restaurants can offer a contactless dining service. Contactless dining is a requirement that restaurants cannot ignore anymore. Hence, the digital dine in menu can help restaurants create a contactless and safe service. The contactless menus are secure and hygienic because the wait staff is not involved and the menus are downloaded on individual devices rather than getting handed around. This ensures safety for both the customers and the restaurant staff.
  • Set your price automatically and update: Updating a printed menu will be an expensive and time-consuming task as the menu has to be reprinted. But a QR code menu app can get updated multiple times without incurring additional printing costs or hassles. All it takes is a tap to make the adjustments across multiple locations. For example, if you want to set the price during “happy hour” at your restaurant, it can be done automatically in an instant.
  • Create visually appealing food and drink combos: Unlike paper menus, which cannot accommodate any visual elements, the QR code contactless menu contains food images, videos, and other tempting visual elements. Furthermore, the restaurants can also pair food items, and even drinks to create appetizing combos to sell more items. The customers will feel tempted by such tempting combos and will order more.
  • QR code menus shorten wait time: Unlike paper menus, digital menus keep the service moving quickly at a restaurant. The digital menus are downloaded on individual devices allowing the customers to place an order and pay quickly. It speeds up the whole process, thus enabling the restaurant to serve more customers and thus increase sales.
  • Schedule promotions in advance and upsell: Digital QR code menus can be the perfect tool to promote offers and deals at a restaurant. Upselling will become easier with pre-designed and pre-scheduled offers that will pop up when guests browse the digital dine in menu. They are likely to take advantage of a deal when in-person upselling is not involved.

These exclusive benefits of a digital QR code menu are helping restaurants earn more profit.

Now that we have gone through the benefits a restaurant derives from a QR code contactless menu, let’s find out how it can benefit the customers.

5 ways QR code contactless menu can benefit customers:

  • The customers can enjoy a safe dining experience: The customers do not have to worry about contamination risks when they dine out, as the digital menus are contactless and therefore, safe. They get to download the menu to their device and place orders without touching paper menus and interacting with the wait staff.
  • They can enjoy a fast and hassle-free service: The customers do not need to engage with the wait staff as they can place the order directly. The staff waiting near the table to take orders can be an awkward experience for all. Furthermore, they can expect fast service at the restaurant.
  • The customers can make an informed decision: The QR code menu app contains not only tempting food images but also information regarding ingredients, allergens, food categories, etc. The digital menu can also offer food and drink pairing options that guide customers and help them decide what to order. They love the wholesome experience!
  • They can order online: There is no need to call a restaurant and read out from a paper menu to order food at home any more. The QR code menu is available on the devices, and with a couple of quick taps, customers can place the order and make payment and get the food delivered at their doorstep. Such a fuss-free and error-free ordering experience can be invaluable!
  • They can be in control of the process: Since the smart digital menus include payment gateways, customers can place an order, and pay for it from their device. This self-service facility will enhance their dining experience.

The QR code contactless menus bring great benefits to the table, and these menus are here to stay. The restaurants and their customers will both benefit from its implementation.

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