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5 reasons you should immediately adopt a digital QR code menu to beat the competition
Fri, Feb 17, 2023

5 reasons you should immediately adopt a digital QR code menu to beat the competition

It's been more than two years since we've started adopting the "new normal" ways of life due to the onslaught of the pandemic. Adopting digital tools was the only means of staying functional while maintaining social distancing rules. The digital shift has brought about some dynamic yet necessary changes to the hospitality industry. The restaurants are rushing to implement digital QR code menu in UAE. Digital QR code menus are a must for the restaurants to create a contactless dining experience; however, these menus come with powerful features that can add an edge to your business. Here we have listed 5 reasons why a digital QR code menu is a must for your growth.

Why should you implement a digital QR code menu?

1. Schedule your promotional offers and set the price in advance:

To gain more revenue you need to do upselling, but using your wait staff to promote an offer can put them and the customers in an awkward situation. In such circumstances, the customers often do not show interest in the deals; however, a digital dine in menu will be highly effective in promoting your offers. Digital menus are excellent marketing tools that allow you to plan and customize marketing and promotional offers. You can create your campaign content with the aid of videos and images, set the price in advance and schedule a day or, time to promote the offers. These offers will appear at a predetermined moment to draw the customer's attention. They are more likely to explore the offers on their own and take advantage of them. Now increase your sales volume by upselling more.

2. Update the menu with automatic price changes:

The electronic menus for restaurants can get easily updated. No matter how many times you want to update the menu; there won’t be any cost involved. For instance, you can alter the pricing of drinks, and automatically set the price for your bar's or restaurant's "happy hour." The guests will get notified of the price change instantly. It is convenient, and the experience is so fluid for the customers and the restaurant management alike! You can do multiple updates across locations with quick taps! You may have just launched a new cocktail, you can put a live update about that instantly and start selling.

3. Sell more with yummy visuals and combo offers:

The paper menus contain no images and do not provide any information other than food names and pricing. But a digital QR code menu in UAE will come with stunning visual elements, including images of every dish served at the restaurant, animation, and even videos. The customers will love the experience! Such visually appealing menus are likely to translate into more sales. A digital menu will also allow you to put relevant details about ingredients, allergen information, and so on; you can also categorize foods.

You can pair food items and drinks to promote them and increase your chances of making more sales. You can also suggest food and drink pairings to simplify your customers’ decision-making process. While browsing the menu, the customers will feel more tempted by the pairings and place larger orders.

4. Enhance your online credibility:

We live in a digital world where businesses must have an active online presence. Branding reaches a whole new level in this digital era, as customers now check online reviews and ratings before they access a service. With a digital dine in menu, you can easily collect guest feedback and ratings that will go in your favor. You can also introduce loyalty programs and referral codes to encourage customers, and they will likely give you a higher rating. You can customize your menu and add your logo to boost your branding and have a robust online presence that will put you ahead of your competition.

5. Create a customized service and earn more revenue:

As the competition to draw new customers and have repeat customers intensifies, you can zoom ahead by offering a personalized service. The electronic menus for restaurants allow the restaurants to access customer data in real time. It gets easier to gauge customers' preferences, and you can customize service and menus to satisfy the customers the next time they visit. This approach will lead to higher revenues. Furthermore, when you can assess customers' preferences, you will be able to reduce food waste. You can further engage with your customers with the help of the feedback forms and encourage your customers to answer your queries. Their responses will help you modify your service.

These 5 reasons discussed in the blog have made it clear why you should switch to a digital QR code menu in UAE. Apart from offering a contactless dining experience, you will give your business the push it requires to zoom ahead of the competition. Our QR code menu has all the advanced features to boost your growth, contact eMenu today to know more.