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2023 digital dining trends that restaurants must watch out for
Thu, Feb 9, 2023

2023 digital dining trends that restaurants must watch out for

We have stepped into a brand new year, and we have started taking a good look around to figure out which trends are going to rule the future ahead of us. Digital dining is no longer just a fad, during the pandemic, digital dining became the new reality and is still going strong. Since the pandemic, the digitalization of industries has gained momentum, and the restaurant industry had to join the race. The digital dining trend is popular among diners and also in the hospitality industry, and restaurants are busy replacing paper menus with digital dine in menus. Here in this blog, we are trying to identify the 2023 digital dining trends that restaurants must watch out for. Let’s take a look.

Check out these 2023 digital dining trends:

Contactless dining is here to stay.

The contactless dining trend will continue and will be even more encompassing than ever before. The threat from new COVID variants is still there, and despite there being vaccinations, people are unwilling to take any risks. The restaurant service is going to be as contactless as possible, and the restaurants will invest more in tools like digital menus for restaurants in UAE that can be downloaded across digital devices. The QR code menus now have payment gateways to reduce further contact. In the future, both the restaurants and the customers will look forward to having complete digital solutions that will be contactless and reduce the involvement of the wait staff completely.

Building a strong digital presence will be a must:

Digital dining is going to have omnipresence in the industry in different forms. The customers will prefer a digital menu that promises quick and hassle-free service at the restaurant, and likewise, they will also want access to a QR code menu app, that they can use to order food when they are entertaining guests at home. The food delivery apps will be in high demand this year as well as well, which means a restaurant must secure their digital presence. Having a strong digital presence will lead to more profit.

Inclusion on the menu:

The diversity of food choices will be something that restaurants need to take care of now. Food preferences are shifting, and there is a growing demand for vegetarian, vegan, healthy, and clean food options. Customers also look for information regarding the ingredients, and there is also a growing demand for organic ingredients. Restaurants that cater to a variety of cuisines, must keep up with modern demands. This inclusivity should be available not only in terms of food options but must also extend to the digital dine in menu version. A digital menu must be accessible in multiple languages so that customers from different ethnic backgrounds will be able to access the menu in their language. The more inclusive a service is the higher the chances of success.

More reliance on tech:

With time not only the customers but the restaurants will also be gravitating toward smart technology. Digital menus for restaurants in UAE are now a must-have tool, but they are also beginning to invest in other digital tools that will allow them to streamline their operations. Post-COVID, there have been issues like labor shortages; the safety guidelines will only tighten with time, as new COVID variants make their presence felt. The restaurants will need digital restaurant management tools, a cloud-based POS system, that will help the restaurant owners manage restaurant operations seamlessly, manage inventory, and process orders faster. In short, the restaurant system will become increasingly automated to enhance operational efficiency, reduce operational costs, and increase revenue.

Build strong customer bonds.

Earlier restaurants were just a place where customers would drift to being driven by good reviews. The restaurant business is transforming post-COVID, and unlike before, they will now start bonding with their customers. The restaurants will launch their QR code menu app to speed up restaurant service, boost online ordering, and encourage brand loyalty. The focus will be on developing a loyal client base and enhancing the restaurants' online presence. To connect with their customers, the restaurants will use social media platforms. They will also provide customer loyalty programs and referral bonuses to have repeat customers.

These are some of the trends one might expect to encounter this year. The reliance on technology will grow stronger with time. So if you haven't created your digital dine in menu yet, it's high time you call eMenu and plan out your digital journey.